Vocational Courses
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Course (CPFTC)
1. Brief Description

This is the most comprehensive Fitness Trainer training program in India.This course follows two Syllabus one NSQF LEVEL 5 and another MIHFM personal training along with Eight short term Specialization subject, TheNSQF Level 5 of the National Skill Qualification Framework is also called the O-Level certificate. It is equivalent to an IT diploma. Level 5 National Skill Qualification Framework aims to prepare learners to become skilful and take a job of their choice and work in a familiar environment. MIHFM personal training program enable a trainee to designee a need base exercise program for their client for both on line and physicalformat.Several specialization certifications helps trainee to transform the knowledge in to skill.

2. Certifications

11 certificates: Three vocational course certificate ( NSQF Level 5 and MIHFM Personal Training certificate, Advance Strength Training Course ) and Eight Short term Specialist

Certification: 1:Certified Kettlebell Specialist L1,
2:Funtional Strength Trainer Specialist,
3:Exercise & Fitness Psychology Specialist,
4:Certified plyometric Specialist,
5:Sports Nutrition Specialist,
6:Total body Resistance Exercise Specialist,
7:Mobility & Stretching Manoeuvre Specialist,
8:Mat Pilates Specialist.

3. Minimum Age

Minimum : 18 years.

4. Personal Attributes

The job requires individuals to have good communication skills, time management skills and ability to understand the body language of the trainees. The job requires individual to possess key qualities such as self discipline, confidence, maturity, patience, compassion, active listening, time management, empathy, language proficiency.

5. Duration of Course

Not less than 550 hours or not less than 6 months.

6. Job Role

Personal Trainer, Fitness Trainer, Gym Trainer, Strength and Conditioning coach, Floor Manager.

7. Requirement/ Eligibility

For admission in the course it is suggested/desired that the candidate should have passed 12thstandard/Higher Secondary School Certificate from a recognized board or equivalentand candidate should have minimum two years working experience. Or NSQF L4 certification with three years of Experience.

8. Level

NSQF Level 5.

9. Affiliation


10. Opportunities
  • Job Opportunities to apply abroad through REPS India and EREPS
  • This certificate enables the trainers to register on the NSDC portal and Sportz Grid which will help them get employment in the industry both in India.
  • This Course also qualifies the professional for Govt. Schemes to help them in securing easy loans so that they can start their own venture and become self-reliant.
11. Syllabus

NSQF Level 5 : Download
MIHFM Personal Training Certification : Download.

Picture of Certificates : Slide Show of all 11 certificates
Course Fees
One Time
Rs 49,950/-
Course Fees on Instalment
1 st Instalment
Rs 20,000/-
Course Fees on Instalment
2 nd to 6 th Instalment
Rs 6,600/-